Our creations result from a constant will to blend traditional crafting with innovative industrial processes while using unexpected materials.

It is thanks to the close collaboration between Lucas and his team, composed of fellow designers, jewelers and artists that they are able to develop their own tools and methods in order to put out elegant and delicate frames.

Every single process of production is handled in the workshop, genuine laboratory where the goal is to transform matter into art, to experiment without restraint, turning the wildest dreams into reality.

In order to achieve a truly unique result while maintaining a high level of quality, each worker hones his own knowledge and abilities with time.

Our frames are made of a high quality surgical Stainless Steel, covered with a thin layer of colored titanium combined with genuine organic materials such as wood, leather or stone.

The raw Stainless Steel is cut in Italy, welded in Paris and colored in Germany ; the organic materials are meticulously chosen, prepared and cut in the workshop.

An average of 31 steps is required to produce one frame, and each of the skilled workers can produce 3 frames a day.