Suzy Glam Eyewear

Suzy Glam loves traditional craftsmanship.

Suzy Glam’s approach to design attaches great importance to a visual way of designing. All frame models are primarily shaped by hand, then fitted and adjusted again in a way each unique style is literally formed on the face. Suzy Glam is convinced that this method gives a different result from designing in the more traditional two-dimensional way via computer or rendering software. New technical developments for eye wear designs are interesting for the designer, but often unnecessary for the wearer and the optician. Technology should support the design process, but must not be a goal in itself. The focus of this collection lies in the whole of the design and the aesthetics of the frame as an styled object.

Suzy Glam loves unique style.

Suzy Glam designs eye wear for women and for men. The female styles have a powerful presence with a strong feminine character while the distinctive eye wear for men are designed for confident men who do not shy away from glamour; individualists who dare to boldly show themselves.

Suzy Glam looks forward.

Suzy Glam recognizes and respects the history of eye wear. She strives to go beyond ‘retro’ and create a collection suitable for a new generation of eye wear lovers who appreciate traditional designed combined with bold style.