Eye Contact Lens

The world of contact lenses has changed dramatically in the last two decades. Where once it was commonplace to wear a pair of soft lenses for a year or more requiring heroic efforts to maintain them, today it is possible, and preferable, to discard a pair after each day of use.

The use of disposable lenses has become pervasive in the industry to the improved health of our eyes. Dr. Chet to tell his patients… “any soft lens wearer today who is not wearing a disposable product is wearing an obsolete and archaic device.”

The multitude of choices in brands and materials makes fitting any eye possible with comfortable, safe disposable contacts. New technology has allowed advancements in previously complicated designs such as toric lenses for astigmatism and even bifocals.

It is now possible for most prescriptions to have a disposable contact lens that will work. While most prescriptions can be made into contacts, unfortunately not all eyes will be able to tolerate them. Some eyes have a tear make-up that just won’t support the material comfortably enough to wear them for any great length of time. Unfortunately, there are no great predictive measures to tell us which eyes these will be, but fortunately, the vast majority of eyes wear contacts well.


Vistakon – Acuvue/Oasys
Alcon – Focus/Air Optix/Freshlook
Bausch and Lomb – Soflens/Pure Vision
Cooper Vision – Frequency/Proclear/Biofinity

Also available are any conventional soft contact lenses still in production as well as any gas permeable lens material.