Whether you are interested in Gotti’s lightweight titanium frames or thick and classic acetate frames, Gotti eyeglasses are innovative yet refreshingly simple.

Sven Gotti and Felix Moreno created Gotti eyewear in Switzerland. After beginning with horn designs in 1994 the brand quickly expanded adding both titanium and acetate to their repertoire by 1997. Today, the frames are produced in Germany and Japan for distribution worldwide.

The titanium line is lightweight and unique while the acetate line is thick and bold with many frames featuring accent colors. The original horn glasses are still available and still made of natural horn material, creating a truly interesting and unique design.

“I like to compare the creative process from the idea for new eyeglasses with the composing of new melodies. Even with a fixed number of notes, new songs are continuously being composed. I design eyeglasses like a composer – variations is shape are my notes, and only the perfect form has the right sound.”

-Sven Gotti, Creator and Designer of Gotti eyeglasses