Essilor Visoffice by Activisu

In addition to the standard eye measurements we also capture the 3D position of your head and eyes as you tilt and move your head to create the perfect high definition, super digital progressive lens for your new eyeglass frames.

Visual Effects Optical prides itself on its customized patient care and is taking its commitment to individualized service a step further with the addition of this revolutionary new eye-care equipment. Essilor Visioffice is an all-in-one optical measuring device that provides precise fitting measurements for individualized lenses. From this state of the art processes, progressive lenses and frames are customized to suit each patient. The results are lenses with greater visual clarity.

Visioffice takes all the standard eye measurements with greater accuracy such as pupil distance and bifocal placement as well as behavioral measurements that cannot be done by hand. This revolutionary new device measures the 3D position of the eye’s rotation center and the individuals performing characteristics such as how much heads tilt and how much eyes move or heads turn to view objects. The result of all of this information is the creation of exclusive Eyecode™ hi definition  lenses, which are available only to eye-care professionals with the Visioffice System. These state of the art hi definition progressive lenses are customized to the wearer based on those frame fitting characteristics, position of wear measurements and performing characteristics.

Dr. Chet Steinmetz, Chicago optometrist and owner of Visual Effects Optical, is pleased to incorporate this new technology into his practice. “Visioffice allows technology to adjust progressive lenses based on each patients frame and eye behavior. Visioffice electronically scans a patients eye movements and rotation and helps to calculate the power adjustments needed for lenses to become customized. It is excellent for any type, but is especially suited for progressive lens wearers. ”

The advantages Eyecode™hi definition lenses receive from the Visioffice measurements include: larger fields of view (especially through the distance area) due to less distortion at the sides of the lenses; smoother translation into the reading area creating a more natural flow from the distance zone into the near zone; improved edge definition and contrast, so objects appear sharper and crisper; and enhanced depth perception for a better sense of dimensionality to our view.