Polarized Lens

To those eyes unfamiliar with this high-tech sun lens, it is the most difficult to describe in words. The only way to fully appreciate this lens is with a real-life demonstration in sunlight. We encourage anyone to visit us for a side-by-side comparison next to a non-polarized lens to truly experience the benefits of this most effective sun lens.

Simply, polarized lenses eliminate sun glare from reflective surfaces. Glare is caused by the sun’s light reflecting off of usually horizontal surfaces like water, snow, pavement, and even cars, as it scatters in all directions. This reflected glare causes us to squint our eyes to shield us from its annoying affects. It is also why it is difficult to see through the surface of water.

Polarized lenses have a type of filter that allows only a certain path of light to pass through the lens. Glare is now eliminated due to the single direction or path of light (instead of multiple) through the lens. For fishing enthusiasts these lenses will allow you to see beneath the surface of the water to the fish. Being the most effective sun lens, anyone desiring top performance for any reason will appreciate how these lenses work.


Self-darkening lenses. The wait is over! The latest 7th generation of plastic changeable lenses released in 2014 is finally a great product. Virtually all the past negatives have been addressed in this seventh generation design. These lenses are now clear indoors (no residual tint) and turn to dark sunglasses with direct exposure to sunlight in less than a minute.

Since it requires direct sunlight to change, its only remaining downside is its inability to change much inside a car. These lenses are scratch resistant and are available in a full range of materials and lens choices.

Products include:

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  • Transitions® Signature™ Lenses
  • Transitions® Vantage™ Lenses
  • Transitions® XTRActive® Lenses
  • Transitions® Drivewear® Sun Lenses
  • Transitions® Adaptive Sunwear