High Definition Lenses / Progressive Bifocals

“Having the best collection of progressive and contemporary eyewear, and being able to use it to find that perfect frame for your face means very little if the lenses or prescription aren’t perfect as well.”

– Dr. Chet

Digital high definition lenses are the result of two new developments in eyeglass lenses. Simply; new, advanced progressive lens designs (using computer aided imagery and customization) coupled with a brand new manufacturing technique (all controlled by computer technology) combine to produce the clearest, sharpest, most incredible view through lenses that we have ever had.

The improvements found with these new high definition lenses are due to a more precise  focus of light from the new machinery making the lenses, while the new lens designs provide a way to customize the power of the lenses based on the frame fitting characteristics such as how far away the frame sits, it’s angle and wrap. Some of the more advanced designs use technology never available before that include wearing and performing characteristics such as how much heads tilt and how much eyes move or heads turn to view objects. These measurements, and more, are taken by a computerized digital measuring devise, just released as well from Essilor called the Visioffice.

Among the advantages these new designs give us include:

  • Larger fields of view (especially through the distance area) due to less distortion at the sides of the lenses.
  • Smoother translation into the reading area creating a more natural flow from the distance zone into the near zone.
  • Improved edge definition and contrast, so objects appear sharper and crisper.
  • Enhanced depth perception for a better sense of dimensionality to our view.

These combine for a clarity unseen as of yet through any other lenses, regardless of power or material. Our industry is so convinced these are our future, the last time any manufacturer invested time and effort into research and design for non digital products was in 2010. The only new progressive lens products to be released from now on will be digital high definition designs.