Jacques Durand

Originally an optician, Jacques Durand evolved in eyewear production and distribution and crossed paths with Alain Mikli in 1978, since it’s beginning, when they were only 4 people.

He had different roles in this Company, in charge of products, communication and sales.
An important date was Silmo 1995, when Jacques Durand became product manager for Starck Eyes. Working with these two men, Alain Mikli and Philippe Starck, was for him a great experience.

In 2002, Jacques decided it was time to fly on his own and created JDL (Jacques Durand Lunetier) a company offering services to various brands that wanted to develop an eyewear collection. His most exciting project was definitively the Buggati eyewear collection says Jacques, where he could mix both passions: fine cars and fine eyewear.

Today, with the financial support of Italian investors, he’s decided to concentrate his experience, passion and energy on developing a new approach to the conception of eyewear. The company JDL restructured itself and became JDO standing for Jacques Durand Occhiali, moved its Offices in Italy to develop and distribute the following brands: Jacques Durand and Veronika Wildgruber